A14 Games Manifesto

Games are a set of mechanics and content interacted by players. As a product of human mind they are part of cultural heritage. It is up to us what will be left of us. We are the A14 Games and this is how we want to create games:
1. Form
The mechanics of the game should speak for the game entirely. Any story the game has to tell should be told trough player actions and games’ reactions.
2. Content
A game should have an idea behind it – a mission or a message. Whether it is a dose of education, social reflection, philosophical idea – it should be made visible to the player and contribute to overall user experience.
3. Delivering
Games take time and money, and we care that they deliver proper value. Contrary to a common belief – the length of a game does not determine its value and quality. We appraise games by their valuetime, the amount of value they fit in a unit of time. It is achieved by good mechanics, high quality content and coherent esthetics.
4. Demanding
What has a value has its price, a good game requires an effort to play. A player needs to put his focus, skill or knowledge into a game to expect a value in return.