About us

We are a two persons team operating in Warsaw, Poland. We want to create games that are delivering a meaning trough their mechanics, and that provide value to the players for their time and focus spent. Also we want money.


Our studio exists since 2014, but we have been working out our approach to games since 2008, shaping our comprehension of what games are and what they should be.

The People

Adam Wołoszczuk – co-founder, chief technobabble officer. Aspiring creator who is yet still struggling to let it go. Even though he’s firmly convinced that it’s mechanics that makes the game, he does write good texts. Comes up with fun game mechanics ideas, though if you get to see his thinking processes from up close, you really wonder how.
Rafał Tylko – co-founder, philosophical assurance director. Talks a lot and keeps denying what he said the day before, but that’s OK because he can draw. Self-made Unity ninja. Convinced games, as everything, can be analysed from the semantics point of view. His corporate background makes him think he’s well-organized.