Master Lander

Master Lander is a hard-to-beat 2D physics driven landing game with a centric gravity. You take on a role of remote lander pilot. Your task is to bring the lander from the orbit down to the surface of each of 27 different exoplanets. In order to achieve high score award you need to hover close to alien artifacts scattered on the planets before landing precisely in designated zone. By controlling the thrust of two rocket engines you need to adjust your velocity in order to descend from the orbit and land softly on the landing pad. Watch your fuel, altitude and attitude to land like a pro!

Master Lander will mess with your ambition, test your skill and get on your nerves.
But in space…
…no one can hear you swear.

For inspirations we looked towards the older days. In terms of aesthetics we wanted to accommodate the simplicity of the Space Race US and Soviet propaganda poster. As for the mechanics we based on one of the most classic design and added just slightly more realistic physics.” – Rafał Tylko, co-designer

Once we observed people playing early vaguely-balanced version of Master Lander, we knew that unforgiving skill-based challenge is the way to go. And frankly, only half of our team was able to beat the game by the time of release.” – Adam Wołoszczuk, co-designer

Game features:

  • 2D fun with gravity and inertia
  • challenging yet satisfying gameplay
  • 9 sectors and 27 distinct exoplanets with various gravity, atmosphere and landscape
  • retro sci-fi aesthetics


  • Adam Wołoszczuk – design, programming, sound design, music editing
  • Rafał Tylko – design, programming, graphics, music editing, font design
  • Richard Wagner – Music –  Overture, The Flying Dutchman
  • Ray Larabie – Font design


10th April 2018

Game footage: