OpenSpace – the game of corporate pawns

win yourself a promotion racing your colleagues and your own stress!

Join a young and effective team within international corporation and become a manager before burnout reaches you, or your buddies outrun you. Press forward to your goal by adjusting intensity of your work to circumstances. Work hard when you sense a chance for promotion or sit back and relax when nobody is watching – otherwise the stress will beat you. However, beware of your benevolent teammates – they hunger for quick promotion just as badly as you, but there can only be one boss!

Here is your formula for success:

  • work hard, or just skillfully pretend to be working
  • speed-up you career by exposing other layabouts
  • take advantage of unexpected events occurring in the company

What is this game?

‘OpenSpace – the game of corporate pawns’ is a board game where players take on a role of corporate employees racing for a promotion and struggling with burnout syndrome during a fast paced and fun gameplay using pawns, cards and board.

How to play it?

During the gameplay, the actions you take will affect your career and stress levels. You win the game when you reach maximum of your career level before other players do. However, reaching the maximum of stress level, makes you lose immediately. During each round of gameplay, you secretly decide whether you will work normally, work hard or relax and have a break. Working hard will get you closer to promotion, but even more close to burnout – that is why sometimes you need to relax during working hours. When relaxing, you are at risk of being denounced to superiors by your fellow players. What is more – each time a denouncing person proves right, his or her career thrives. Still, you can gain an upper hand by using event cards such as air-conditioning breakdown, deadline or periodic report.

Number of players: 2 – 7
Age: 14 years and more
Playing time: 20 minutes
Publisher: A14 games
Designers: Adam Wołoszczuk, Rafał Tylko, Marcin Dłubakowski
Content of the box:

  • board
  • 21 engagement cards
  • 7 denounce cards
  • 26 event cards
  • 14 pawns
  • priority marker
  • game manual

Players: 2 – 7
Age: 14 years and more
Play time: approx. 20 minutes