OpenSpace – soon to be released!

The production of the first edition of ‚OpenSpace – the game of corporate pawns’ boardgame is close to completon. Soon, the game will be available in certain stores.

‚OpenSpace – the game of corporate pawns’ is a fast-paced boardgame, where players take on a role of low-rank eployess of corporation, racing for promotion and struggling with burnout. The game is meant to be fast and fun, playing with cards, pawns and board.

With a lot of humour and simple rules, OpenSpace makes an excellent stress-reliever after hard-working week.

During the playtime, the actions taken by the players affect their levels of career and stress. The player who first reaches the maximum career, avoiding burnout wins the game. Each round, in secret, players decide whether they will work on regular manner, work hard or relax. Working hard will bring them closer to a promotion, but even closer to burnout – that is why sometimes a break during working hours is neccessary. However, a relaxing player is prone to the risk of being denounced by other players which may nullify all the benefits of relax. On the other hand, each successful denounce makes the denouncing player career to thrive. The rules are based on known from the dawn of time bluff mechanism and simple risk assessment.

Additionaly, players can influence the gameplay through various events in the office, such as air-conditioning failure, deadline or quarterly report publication. Thereby, the tensions is kept high along the whole gameplay and even the manager’s favorite can never be sure of promotion!

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